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为避开尼日利亚港口拥堵,实现中-尼专线快速、高效运输,中材宁锐尼日利亚子公司利用自有港外码头优势,整合多方资源,积极推动海船与驳船直取操作。 2019年4月29日上午10点,中材宁锐尼日利亚子公司在APAPA码头首次实施普通件杂货船船直取操作,并取得成功。 为进一步提高卸船速度,公司仍然积极探索更优方案。在和尼日利亚码头、海关、装卸公司、船东等多方沟通后,于2019年5月24日成功实现夜间船船直取。至此,终于实现24小时装卸直取,极大提高卸货效率。 通过船船直取方案,加快了海船卸船速度,减轻了码头堆存压力,节约了收货人成本,同时也很大程度上减轻了拉各斯进港道路的交通压力,实现多方共赢局面。



4月19日下午,中材宁锐党支部开展主题党日活动——支部书记上党课。会议由支部书记沙静主持,全体在宁党员参会,尼日利亚、越南全体党员通过网络渠道参加。 正式讲课前,沙静同志首先介绍了本月新加入支部的党员朱渊文,并让每一位党员算一算自己的党龄,回忆一下自己入党时的感受。通过这样的互动,一方面可以让分驻三国的党员同志加深互相之间的了解;另一方面通过回顾过往,也让大家重温入党时刻,进一步提升自己。本次党课主题是学习贯彻党的十九大精神及党务培训,沙静同志准备充分,深入浅出地向大家讲解了坚持“三会一课”制度的意义、作用,以及在实际中如何更好地贯彻执行。 通过本次党课,党员同志们受益匪浅,要想保证“三会一课”制度的顺利执行,必须书记牵头,全员参与,求真务实,坚持创新。

“Lianyungang-Lagos” logistics line re-scoring a new chapter

“The 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Logistics Line Deep Cooperation Seminar” was held in Nigeria On the afternoon of September 7, at the Oriental Hotel in Lagos Leki, Nigeria, the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road Logistics Line Deep Cooperation Seminar” kicked off. The meeting was co-sponsored by Sinoma International Nigeria subsidiary and Nigerian ENL Terminal […]

[Foreign Trade Information] The import and export charges will be cleaned up and refined, and enterprises will benefit!

On August 26th, the State Council executive meeting once again made specific arrangements for “cleaning up and standardizing the import and export link fees and reducing the burden on enterprises”, which clearly stated that “to promote competitive service access and marketization of fees, and to investigate and punish monopoly status or power. A fee-free project.” […]

The first successful 42-meter long transport in Nigeria

Project Introduction Project Name: Nigeria Yulong Steel Pipe Inland Transportation Project Cargo situation: special gas pipeline with a diameter of 1 m and a length of 42 m. Difficulties in the project: the outer layer is coated with anti-corrosive paint, which has special requirements for loading and bundling. The biggest difficulty in transporting long cargo […]

Special training (4): Logistics insurance related knowledge training

Risk prevention and control system construction We are always on the road In order to improve the risk prevention and control awareness of business personnel, strengthen the company’s risk management and control capabilities, and establish and improve the company’s risk prevention and control system, on August 2, the General Management Department invited the company’s claims […]

Establish “Lianyungang-Lagos” logistics line to promote multi-party cooperation

On the afternoon of July 18th, the “21st Century Maritime Silk Road Logistics Special Seminar” jointly organized by Sinoma Ningrui (Shanghai) International Logistics Co., Ltd. and Lianyungang Port Holdings Group Co., Ltd. was held in Lianyungang Shenzhou Hotel. The meeting invited 28 Chinese and foreign customers, Lianyungang port, Lagos port, shipping company, cargo owner, freight […]

Do you know a few special regulations for foreign ports?

Indian port India’s trade malls are changing very fast, so Indian customers are very sensitive to the date of shipment, and Indian merchants know that the shipping company has the signing behavior and they are likely to refuse to pay for the goods. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary risks, all goods going to India […]