Special training (4): Logistics insurance related knowledge training

Risk prevention and control system construction
We are always on the road

In order to improve the risk prevention and control awareness of business personnel, strengthen the company’s risk management and control capabilities, and establish and improve the company’s risk prevention and control system, on August 2, the General Management Department invited the company’s claims team to come to the company to provide insurance knowledge training.

Xu Wei, CEO of Qibao Technology, first introduced the development of the company. After integrating Baobao, Lisuo Consulting and Huayi Insurance, Qibao Technology established insurance consulting, third-party claims and legal outsourcing services for the international transportation industry. “One-stop risk management and control platform.”

Then, the claims manager of Qibao Technology explained in detail the difference between cargo insurance and logistics liability insurance, and the matters that should be paid attention to in logistics liability insurance. At the same time, some practical cases were listed, and the key points in the claims were vividly explained.

Throughout the training process, the small partners in the Nanjing office listened carefully and discussed it enthusiastically. Everyone contacted the actual problems encountered in the work and conducted professional discussions with the claims manager, which led to deep thinking on some issues. The small partners of the freight purchasing department said that the supplier’s insurance documents will be reviewed in advance to ensure the smooth recovery of the follow-up; the business department’s small partners said that they will focus on the photo-receiving links of each node of the transportation.

After this training, everyone realized that the various risks in the logistics work, we must prevent, standardize operations, strengthen supervision, risk prevention and control system construction, we have been on the road.