The first successful 42-meter long transport in Nigeria

Project Introduction

Project Name: Nigeria Yulong Steel Pipe Inland Transportation Project

Cargo situation: special gas pipeline with a diameter of 1 m and a length of 42 m.

Difficulties in the project: the outer layer is coated with anti-corrosive paint, which has special requirements for loading and bundling. The biggest difficulty in transporting long cargo is the corner of the road. Care must be taken. The turning radius is calculated accurately and the cargo is stretched and relaxed.

Project details

The cargo owner Yulong Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is looking for a number of transportation companies in Nigeria. Most of them are unable to operate this ultra-long transportation, and several of them can be operated at very high prices. As a Chinese-funded logistics company, SINOMACARGO hopes to help long-term partner Yulong Steel Pipe to transport this batch of ultra-long pieces at a low cost.

In order to ensure safe transportation while saving costs, the SINOMACARGO technical team investigated and decided to make a simple gun.

On August 11, 2018, SINOMACARGO conducted the first trial transportation of the 42-meter ultra-long piece of Yulong Steel Pipe and successfully reached the unloading point, which was highly praised by the owner Yulong Steel Pipe. At the same time, the SINOMACARGO technical team also summarized the follow-up adjustment direction to ensure that the subsequent transportation is safer and more efficient.

The first successful test of this ultra-long piece of transportation marked the breakthrough and improvement of SINOMACARGO in the transportation capacity of special cargo. Creating value for customers with professionalism and dedication will always be the goal pursued by SINOMACARGO.