In order to avoid port congestion in Nigeria and realize fast and efficient transportation between China and Nigeria, Sinomai Ningrui Nigeria subsidiary takes advantage of its own off-port terminals, integrates various resources and actively promotes the direct operation of sea ships and barges. Sinoma Ningrui’s Nigerian subsidiary carried out the first direct pickup operation of general cargo vessels at APAPA Terminal at 10am on April 29, 2019, and achieved success. In order to further improve the unloading speed, the company is still actively exploring better solutions. After communicating with the Nigerian terminal, customs, loading and unloading company, shipowner and other parties, the direct pick-up of overnight vessels was successfully realized on May 24, 2019. So far, finally realize 24 hours of direct loading and unloading, greatly improve the efficiency of unloading. Through the ship-to-ship direct pickup scheme, the unloading speed of sea-going ships is accelerated, the storage pressure at the wharf is reduced, the cost of the consignee is saved, and the traffic pressure on the access road of Lagos is greatly reduced, so as to achieve a win-win situation.