On the afternoon of April 19th, Sinoma Ningrui Party Branch carried out the theme Party Day activity — the Party secretary had a party class. The meeting was presided over by Sha Jing, Secretary of the Branch. All Party members in Ninh attended the meeting. All Party members from Nigeria and Vietnam participated in the meeting through online channels. Before the formal lecture, Comrade Sha Jing first introduced Zhu Yuanwen, a new member of the branch this month, and asked each member to count their years in the party and recall their feelings when they joined the party. Through such interaction, on the one hand, Party members stationed in the three countries can deepen mutual understanding; On the other hand, by reviewing the past, we can also relive the moment of joining the Party and further improve ourselves. The theme of this Party class is to study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the training on Party affairs. Comrade Sha Jing was well prepared and explained the significance and function of adhering to the system of “three meetings and one lesson” in a simple way, as well as how to better implement it in practice. Through the Party class, Party members benefit a lot, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the “three lessons” system, must be led by the secretary, full participation, pragmatic, adhere to innovation.